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Throughout years, FMT Zajecar d.o.o has become well known world-wide as a manufacturer of high quality products.  We strive to bring the expectations bar even higher, exceed new challenges and conquer new horizons.  We own our success to our employees.  Without them, FMT Zajecar would not be what it is today.  

We are constantly seeking new colleagues!  The real question is:  are you looking for work or do you want to work?   There is a big difference between those two.  Everyone needs a job, not everyone is keen to work to FMT Zajecar’s standards.  At FMT Zajecar, everyday is a bit different.  However, at the end of the week, month or a year, we complete our job not just to say that we did it, but that we have completed it.  

However, to become a part of FMT Zajecar you have to be highly motivated, hard working and passionate about the job you do.  Age, education and experience is not always a decisive factor.  We are more interested in your personality.  We all spend a lot of time at work.  Our colleagues become like a family and our company almost as a “second home”.  Its of great importance to us who we are welcoming to our “second home” and thus our employees’ personal characteristics play an important part in operating as a big and successful team that is FMT Zajecar.  

If you think you have what it takes, please get in contact with us.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!




There are currently no open vacancies.  However, should you believe you could be of an asset to our company, please send us your CV and cover letter and we will analyse your education, skill and experience.  Should we find your profile adequate for future job positions, we will get in touch with you.